The real favorite of the Brinky family is our Choco Fourré. But also our minis are delightful in vanilla and chocolate flavor. And did you already taste our newest Triple Choco Fourré? For true chocolate lovers!

Brinky Triple Choco

The Brinky family has recently been expanded with the new Brinky Triple Choco. Especially for everyone who loves chocolate!

energy (kJ) 2041
energy (kcal) 487
fat (g) 21,4
- of which saturates 12,7
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Brinky Choco Fourré

The Brinky Choco Fourré is the best known member of the Brinky family. Handily portion packed with 12 individually packed cakes in a bag.

Energie (kJ) 433
Energie (kcal) 232
waarvan verzadigd 35
Koolhydraten (g) 556
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Brinky Brinky Mini Sandwich biscuit Fourré

5 vanilla flavored sandwich biscuits in a roll, packed per 5 rolls.

energy (kJ) 1890
energy (kcal) 449
fat (g) 13,0
- of which saturates 8,0
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Brinky Mini Sandwich biscuits

5 chocolate sandwich biscuits cakes in a roll, packed per 5 rolls.

energy (kJ) 1856
energy (kcal) 441
fat (g) 12,1
- of which saturates 7,4
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